Welcome to Nina’s Pages…

With significant help from tech-savvy friends the audio files are up. Click on the Podcasts link and scroll down. Nina instructed there is no ‘order’ to these recordings, which total almost seven hours in eight sessions. Although they are titled, they ramble in a delightful way on a river of her laughter.

Send feedback. Let’s see where this goes!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Nina’s Pages…

  1. Today
    December 14, 2019
    Friday the 13th safely past,
    we creep toward Solstice.
    Out: Morning rain yielded
    to an odd afternoon light, the color of . . .reluctance?
    As if preferring to hide under cover of gray?
    In: candle-light, fire-light, Christmas Tree lights.
    I write letters and cards.
    Reading a local poet
    who gives voice to the sea,
    I drift nap-wards.
    Deeper: My own poem, this one,
    swirls in dreamy tide pools.
    I chart the year.
    Nina, gone, though her presence
    lingers in this memory
    this gift,
    this moment seeking to be shared,
    like before.
    I chart gratitude,
    and ease,
    as night descends early.

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