In the last week of her life, Nina recorded a number of wonderful podcasts to share her life memories, thoughts, values and opinions with the rest of us. These were recorded with Dr. Deborah Giles (Giles) in late June 2019 over multiple sessions and cover a range of topics, listed below.

Nina said that there should be no particular order to the recordings. Some of the podcasts are joyful, some are sad, most are both. There is a lot of wisdom packed in here. Nina also discusses difficult topics and advises people to be in the right space of mind when listening to them. A brief description will introduce each recording, and the duration (most are about one hour) is indicated.

You will hear Nina emphasize that these podcasts are recordings at a particular moment in time. The replies to Giles’ questions are Nina’s own and may not apply to other people. Nina might also have answered them differently if they had been asked at a different point in time.

So take in her wisdom, join in her triumphs and challenges, love the laughter, and cherish the virtual time you get to spend with Nina the family member, the friend, the mentor, the companion (and all the other wonderful roles she played in all of our lives).

Podcast Apps

For those who have a podcast app, you can subscribe to Nina’s recordings by entering the following URL: